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Borrowing Service

  • Active MII members are allowed to access all collections in MII Knowledge Management Unit (KMU).
  • However, for borrowing the items outside the premise, active individual members need to pay Library Deposit amounted RM150. This deposit is refundable after one (1) year. Read more on our membership entitlements.
  • Member must show their MII membership card for identification.
  • Member may appoint a representative to borrow on behalf of him/her provided earlier communication via email with librarian. Representative must show an authorization letter from member to the librarian to be able to checkout the library materials. 

    Download Sample Letter

  • Employee of MII Institutional members may borrow the library materials under their company account. They must present original authorization letter from HR/training department to the KM counter each time they wish to borrow items from KMU. The letter must confirms their employment status and permission for using the company's borrowing account.

    Download Sample Letter


Borrowing entitlement :

Collection TypeUnit (max)Borrowing PeriodOverdue FineRenewal Limit
General Collection 5 titles 14 days RM1.00 per day 2 times
Reference & Special Collection 1 title 7 days RM50.00 per day -

 *Other collections not specified in this entitlement may only be access on site only.



  • Items may be returned via walk in or courier.
  • Member may appoint a representative to return the items borrowed provided earlier communication via email with librarian in charge. No authorization letter is needed.
  • Members may use book drop outside KMU entrance to return books after KMU operation hour.



  • Member may borrow a new item while renewing previous items as long as the amount of items renewed plus items to be borrowed not exceeding borrowing entitlement.
  • Renewal of library materials are available if the books are not reserve by other members. Renewal should be made at least 2 working days before the borrowing due date.
  • Members could make renewal via walk in/phone call/email to KMU.



  • If an item is currently not available at Knowledge Management Unit (KMU), member may reserve the item by providing below details:

Full name:
IC no:
Contact no:
Email address:
Title of the item:

  • Reservation may be made via walk in, phone call or by email. Member shall be contacted once the item is available. Minimum holding period for item reserved is 2 working days before the item is open for borrowing status again.



Maximum books per borrowing



  • Please refer to Borrowing Entitlement
  • An additional grace period of 2 days are considered for the delivery and return of the borrowed items. Librarian in charge will inform borrower on the collection day and time.
  • Please refer to Borrowing Entitlement for request of extending duration.



  • Penalty will be charged for late returns. Please refer to Borrowing Entitlement for penalty charge.
  • Any charges, including repair for any damages and penalty will be deducted from the library deposit.
  • If the penalty due is more than the amount of the deposit, MII will forfeit the entire deposit amount and claim the remaining dues.
  • In the event of lost, the full amount of the deposit will be forfeited as compensation for the replacement of the lost book. The cost of the repair is at the discretion of MII.


Photocopying of texts/books

  • Usage of any library materials borrowed from KMU collections is subjected under Copyright Act 1987.
  • MII is not responsible for any copyright infringement by the members.
  • By applying for this service, members shall be abide by the fair usage policy as decreed in the Copyright Act 1987 and will avoid violating copyright of contents in all library materials provided by MII Knowledge Management Unit services:
    • Photocopying and printing not more than 10 pages per books/magazines/periodicals at a time and not distributing the copy for commercial purposes
    • Not distributing scanned documents for commercial purposes

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