Sunday, March 07, 2021
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Membership privileges at KMU

As MII professional members, you are entitle for free admission to Knowledge Management Unit situated at MII City Centre, Wisma FGV Jln Raja Laut.

MII Membership
Individual Institutional
MII Membership Fee 
MII membership card Staff ID /medical card
  • Access to KM open and closed access collections
  • Reference & information searching service
  • KM email alert service
Library Deposit RM150 - refundable after minimum holding period 1 year Acknowledgement letter from company / institution for each time borrowing - Download sample letter
  • PC Usage/Internet/ Charging battery (laptop / hand phone/etc) /Scanning - Complimentary
  • Photocopying & Printing - RM0.50 per page & RM0.30 per page if using own paper (Terms & conditions applied)
  • Locker, Smartboard, iPad & rooms – Complimentary (Terms & conditions applied)

How to Refund Library Deposit?

  1. Eligible for MII Individual member who has placed library deposit with Knowledge Management Unit (KMU) for more than one (1) year.

  1. Request for refunding must be expressed via email or walk-in to KMU counter.
  2. Please submit the necessary document for library deposit refunding process.
    • Original copy of payment official receipt. If the official receipt is lost or missing, please attach the form with a letter confirming of the receipt loss.

3. MII reserved the right to reject the form or the written request if the form or documents submitted is incomplete.

4. Once application is submitted, members borrowing service will be halt until further notice. If the application is rejected, the borrowing service eligibility will be resumed.

  1. Amount of refund will be the same as the amount deposited in the official receipt, except in the event of book lost or any penalty imposed.
  2. In the event of book lost or any penalty imposed due to book damages, the penalty amount will be forfeited from the deposit. Member will need to bear any further charges for the book replacement or repair. The amount will be advised by librarian.

  1. Refund payment will be made via bank transfer. Please inform your bank account details in the refund form.
  2. For international member who request refund payment via bank transfer, the bank charges fee will be deducted from the member's deposit. The amount of bank charges will be advised by librarian.

  1. Refund request will be sent to Accounts Unit for processing. The processing time will take around 30 working days.
  2. Librarian will inform member once the cheque is ready via telephone or email.

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