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Reference Service

  Information Searching Assistance Service:

Information Searching Assistance service is assistance to members in finding information and effectively using KM resources and services. Reference service includes locating answers to questions of varying complexity, assisting members in searching MII Library Catalogue & MII Digital Library, physical sources, and electronic resources such as online databases and the Internet, providing reader's advisory, referrals and individual/group user education program.

Reference service does not include performing assignment or completing research process for members. While staff assist members in finding resources to complete assignments, the assignment/research itself is ultimately the member's responsibility. The amount of time staff can spend assisting a member is limited by the needs of other users. Time limits vary according to the complexity of the inquiry, the number of other members needing assistance, and the number of staff available.

Members must fill up the Information Searching Assistance Form to request reference service. This is to help us in understanding the exact nature of the request and recommend the right resources.

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Request priority:

KM staff responds to requests for reference service in the following order of priority:

  • Walk in / counter requests
  • Telephone requests
  • Email requests
  • Mail and fax requests


Service delivery and question complexity:

  • Ready reference questions will be answered quickly by staff using sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, directories, and internet databases to provide brief, factual information. Examples include spellings, definitions, business and residential addresses and phone numbers, and library holdings information.
  • Search questions require more than a quick answer and often involve staff consulting several sources. If the question cannot be answered quickly, staff may take the member's contact information to provide an answer or referral after additional searching.
  • Research questions require the gathering and synthesis of extensive information from various sources. Research papers and law reports engender this type of question. Rather than conducting the research, staff will be guiding member in his/her search, suggesting strategies and sources and explaining the use of appropriate reference and indexing tools. Members are required to fill in and submit RISS form.
  • Medical and legal questions Staff will assist members in the use of library materials and resources to find medical and legal information. Staff does not offer interpretation, advice, opinions, or personal experience. They caution members about the completeness and timeliness of information in printed materials and databases; and they suggest that members consult medical or legal professionals for information that applies to their specific needs.
  • Referrals questions are questions beyond the knowledge and resources of KM units. KM limitation in this scope is by providing information available in MII website, calendars, booklets, FAQs. Members will be referred to the respective department within MII. KM will provides MII call centre hotline number to members for more information.


Information Searching Class

This class is offered to MII members with appointment is based on members availability during KM operational hour. Members may request for different mode, grouping workshop or personal consultation. Request should be expressed by email.


KM Orientation Program

This program include KMU briefing and tour at MII Knowledge Management Unit, Wisma Sime Darby. Members will be given briefing on KM's facilities, services and collections, as well as a short tour around the premise. Members may request for different mode, group or personal. Request should be expressed by email.

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