Wednesday, January 20, 2021

New Online Databases

New Online Databases available now!


Library Press Display and Bernama Library Infolink Service are new online databases subscribed by MII Knowledge Centre to provide wider range of information to support online education and training for MII member. Check the new online databases by:

1) Library Press Display is an online newspapers portal which offers over

1,700 publications from 92 countries in 48 languages. All newspapers are

published in their original format and layout, including full text and images.

To read your newspapers online, key in Library Press Displayor click at

Subscription button in MII Visualizer.Click the titleand sign in MII Digital Library.

After logging in, click the link toautomatically logged in into Library Press Display.


2) Bernama Library & Infolink Service (BLIS) is an online information

research portal that provides access to news and significant information on

Malaysia. Also read MII publications such as INSURANCE magazine and INTAJ

(Insurance Takaful Journal) online at BLIS.

To access this portal, key in Bernama Library or click at Subscriptionbutton in

MII Visualizer.  Click the title and sign in MII Digital Library. After logging in,

click the link to automaticallylogged ininto Bernama Library Infolink Service.